One of the visions of Tabitha Cumi Foundation was actualized on the 12th day of september, 2017 when a Vocational Training Centre built by the foundation and supported by the GGP of Embassy of Japan was commissioned and handed over to the Agency of Mass Education by the Charge D'affaires Embassy Embassy of Japan, Mr Utsako.

The Centre built in our pilot community Durumi is to provide functional literacy to our adult learners in Durumi, Jikoko and Mapa. These learners who have acquired basic literacy and numeracy skills through our TCF "Second Chance " program, can now acquire various skills to enable them to be self employed and financially empowered.

 Present at the occasion were the Charge D'affaires Embassy of Japan, Bwari Area Council Chairman, Director Agency for Mass Education, Top Management and Directors of various Government organizations, Representative of Executive Secretary NMEC, Unesco, Mercy Corps, Csacefa, Nolgass, BPW, CMI & of course the Board & staff of Tabitha Cumi Foundation.


Our prayer is that this Centre will transform the lives of women and girls in these communities and their environs.

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