Access To Education

In partnership with the GGP of the Embassy of Japan, we have built three sets of six classroom blocks with toilet facilities and efficient water supply. These classrooms are fully furnished with desks and chairs, thereby making the environment conducive for learning in these under-served communities and providing access to education for both young students and adult learners, while promoting enrollment drive to achieve universal basic education.

Tabitha Girls Education Project is aimed at reducing the catastrophic effects of illiteracy of the Girl Child which exposes them to poverty, hunger, ignorance, violence, abuse, trafficking, maternal mortality etc.  Since out of school girls are more vulnerable to these, we have developed our IEM Strategy to tackle this menace in various communities by:

  • Identifying out of school girls in various communities,
  • Enrolling them in the closest UBE schools in the community and
  • Monitoring their progress to ensure they remain in school.


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